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Tom W
30th of December 2004 (Thu), 21:06
Another great one! I have but a couple of weddings under my belt, and I swear (as I did after the first one) that I'd never do it again. OK, to be honest, they were basically charity cases (family - gAAAAck!!) and I let them know that they would be getting what they paid for. I'm not a professional wedding photographer, and I'm not convinced that I would want to be (nor am I convinced otherwise). I'm fortunate in that the day job pays the bills. But I am intrigued by the scenario.

This WD situation sounds interesting. I've not yet encountered such a thing, but I suppose that if enough poor family members get married, I'm bound to come across one. Anyway, it looks like you've discovered a way to make her (the inexperienced one) feel as though she's in charge, while you (who are experienced, obviously) are actually working to keep the whole thing running smoothly. That is a skill that some managers never develop.

Tom W
30th of December 2004 (Thu), 21:35
Some crowds are just hard to please. :)

Actually, I kind-of thrive on the stress of the normal wedding (whatever the normal wedding really is). I enjoy working to get things just right, or close to that anyway. But I've been more of a reactive photographer (look for the situation and shoot) rather than the proactive shooter (create the scenario with backdrops, lights, and props) and that certainly isn't going to create an extensive professional portfolio for weddings.

Still, its a lot more fun (but not nearly as profitable) when compared to the day job. Then again, things are always more fun when you don't have to do them. :)

22nd of March 2005 (Tue), 15:12
I shoot six weddings about 35 years ago as the "primary" photographer. Everyone was awful and in each case it was the mother-of-the-bride who needed to be on meds. The most memorable was the one who, when discussing before hand what shots she wanted, kept saying, "DO NOT INCLUDE SHOES IN ANY PHOTOGRAPH!" She had had a terrible experience at her wedding having to do with shoes and did not want it repeated at her daughter's wedding. I was naive. I was ignorant. I was only a twenty-something neophyte. I did what she said.

When the proofs were given to her she went absolutely ballistic, swearing at me like a pirate, because none of the expensive shoes the bride and maids had had dyed to match were in ANY image. And when I reminded her that NOT having shoes in the photos was her only demand, she re-exploded making it clear that I should NOT have listened to her. All this for a $300 wedding shoot that lasted about four hours and ten rolls of medium format film. And, of course, she demanded lots of free stuff to make up for it ... which she didn't get.

About three years later she contacted me about getting more reprints ... I sent her the negatives and told her I didn't want to hear from her again, sigh.

23rd of March 2005 (Wed), 21:20
I'd rather be caught chimping in the pits at a NACAR race than shoot a wedding. (Have not done this by the way)

At least they only kick you out of the pit/garage area.

I've played second camera for some, and I want nothing to do with MOB, B or anything even close to a WD. There are easier ways to make a living ie; Bullfighting, shark baiting, rodeo clown, organ donator, etc.

I like photography too much to subject myself to this.

23rd of March 2005 (Wed), 22:11
Bloo Dog's story cracks me up.

Typically on these deals, you are signed up for X hours on site. Let's just say that is four.

If an evil wedding directoress (or wedding coordinator) tells me that I have to attend the rehearsal, then I tell her that I'll be on the clock, so to speak. Is she paying for that?

Typically, no, of course. If she wants to write you a check for an additional hour or two, then you will be happy to cooperate.

---Bob Gross---

Maureen Souza
23rd of March 2005 (Wed), 22:37
One of the lines I use in group shots is this "Remember, the more of you there are, the bigger the chance that one of you will look bad. Make sure it isn't you." For some reason that always makes everyone laugh and I usually get a couple of good shots off it.

23rd of March 2005 (Wed), 23:08
BlooDog... Of all your stories, I reckon that one takes the cake :p

25th of March 2005 (Fri), 11:14
This story made my morning and reminds me of why I am in the wholesale business....no dealing with these types of customers! :)

25th of March 2005 (Fri), 11:41
The Great Wedding Cake Fiasco

YOu should SERIOUSLY consider writing a book about all these stories, they're hilarious (altho I imagine not so funny to experience). I wanna hear more!!!!

25th of March 2005 (Fri), 12:02
Thanks Bloo ;)
Always funny an full of inspiration.

28th of March 2005 (Mon), 20:30
Mistress of the Reception Hall (aka Grendel's mother)
... it's no longer the grand Parthenon of Pastry, but rather the sugary remains of the Lost City of Atlantis.
...the cake is a monument to urban decay, and the cute little plastic bride and groom that were on top are just these little heads peering out from the gooey muck.
Sorry that I forgot my flame thrower and sorry that I can't reduce the church, the reception hall, all of the guests and every one of their distant relatives to smoking ashes.

Those are great images!

20th of April 2005 (Wed), 15:55
Bloo -
I have followed all your wedding threads religiously since I joined this list... they are absolutely hilarious! It's like watching an episode of COPS. Funny - as long as it's not YOU on tv. I swore I'd never venture into the dark art of wedding photography.

A dear girlfriend who's shot weddings on the side for almost 10 years is helping me shoot some rodeos this summer. As a tradeoff, I agreed to help her and now I'm involved with Weeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhddddddiiiiiiinks.

Somehow, I'm now the shooter for her daughter's wedding next month (did I have too many beers and agree to this???), and have six more ceremonies to shoot with her this summer. I'm great at business, she isn't, but she's awesome at wedding photography. She's teaching me, I'm teaching her... I've learned some amazing things about people as a result of these events... And, what's worse - I think I actually like the crazed atmosphere of a wedding. They are the most bizarre out of control (as far as people's behavior) events... well, they're rodeos of a sort, only the crowd is dressed better.

Keep posting your stories, they inspire us all! Either to stay away, or draw closer like moths to a flame... ;o)


21st of April 2005 (Thu), 07:05
Another great story!!! Keep'em coming

21st of April 2005 (Thu), 09:33
I was concerned. Another masterpiece of understatement! :D:D:D

21st of April 2005 (Thu), 09:35
I second that, keep the great stories coming. I truely enjoy reading these.

Curtis N
25th of May 2005 (Wed), 14:33
When you finish writing your book, let me know. I'll buy one for myself and another for a wedding photog friend.

I propose a toast to Bloo Dog!

25th of May 2005 (Wed), 19:40
I'll buy!