View Full Version : Second Shooter - Kalamazoo, MI

20th of June 2008 (Fri), 00:37
I'm a beginner photographer looking for some experience, any is welcome. I don't expect anything in return, all I ask for are tips and advice. I can get most dates off if I know a week or two in advance. Just looking for some oh site experience.

20th of June 2008 (Fri), 22:55
Hello, What kind of experience are you looking for. Do you want to focus on People, landscapes, animals etc?

If you are wanted experience I would be more then happy to go out with you can practice. I am sure we can get some people to work with his. however they would be young teens and children. That is what I do the most..

Let me know..

20th of June 2008 (Fri), 23:34
Meh, I suppose you have to start somewhere, right? I was looking for stuff like concert work, maybe even wedding work. I enjoy dressing up. Other than that, landscape stuff always interests me. I wish we had some mountains here in Michigan! I do also want to go to Binder Park sometime and rent a 70-200 and have some fun.

Send me a PM if anything comes up. I would love to test out my new Zeiss 50.