View Full Version : Videographer in Greensboro, NC?

23rd of June 2008 (Mon), 15:55
Is anyone on here a videographer in the Greensboro, NC area? If so, I may have a gig for you :)

23rd of June 2008 (Mon), 16:23
I'm a wedding videographer,,, if they pay for traveling I'll do it

23rd of June 2008 (Mon), 16:32
Oh sorry, forgot to mention. It's for a child's birthday party. They sound like they have the means to make some travel worth while, but probably not from Texas ;)

23rd of June 2008 (Mon), 16:33
well that sux

23rd of June 2008 (Mon), 16:34
LOL... sorry.

25th of June 2008 (Wed), 20:27
I have a friend that's a videographer in Meridian, MS. Let me know the details and I'll pass them on if you would like :)

Jon Smith
26th of June 2008 (Thu), 23:15
I know some local TV videographers, one of whom worked our wedding. About an hour's drive from G-vegas, drop me a PM if interested.

27th of June 2008 (Fri), 13:01
Got it taken care of, thanks guys!

The Mack
27th of June 2008 (Fri), 23:59
I know someone in Hendersonville, NC.