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4th of January 2005 (Tue), 21:29
Hello! This is my first post as I've just found this Forum. I've had my 10D now for about a year and I still loving taking photos with it. I've enjoyed photography for several years and have a huge amount of learning left to do. I'm a 21 year old who is totally consumed by motorcycles. I took these from my seat the last time the AMA superbike series passed through Pikes Peak International Raceway here in Colorado. I've also just recently started to mess around in Photoshop CS. Please let me know what you think...
:) :) :)
- Andy -

Tommy Hayden - Superstock


4th of January 2005 (Tue), 21:31
I'm not sure if you guys prefer that I post all the photos in one post or if you like them one by one...

Tony Meiring - Supersport


4th of January 2005 (Tue), 21:32
Jamie Hacking - Superstock


4th of January 2005 (Tue), 21:34
Ben Spies - Supersport


4th of January 2005 (Tue), 21:36
Eric Bostrom - Superbike


Thanks for checking out my thread!!!

I look forward to posting and learning all kinds of great stuff on the Forum!

shaun raney
4th of January 2005 (Tue), 22:46
If you dont mind me prying, what kind of lens do you use to take such BEAUTIFUL pictures?

I'm going to the Indy 500 this year, and want to start looking into it now, will have a 20D.

Also, the pictures look great to my (amateur/noob) eyes, do you have the full color versions?

4th of January 2005 (Tue), 23:42
the first shot is really super cool -- very creative and interesting. impressionistic, shows lots of movement, and a neat (nonstandard) composition. excellent.

the second is also good.

the rest kind of fall off from there. technically, they're fine, but they lack the interesting element of the first. also, the first two show that you used a longer shutter speed, which is essential to show the motion. motorcycles, race cars, and airplanes usually are at their best when there is blur in the frame to show motion.

neat work. keep up the posts.

4th of January 2005 (Tue), 23:55
Very nice and I like them all at once it's easier to scroll through back and forth. thank you for sharing them.

5th of January 2005 (Wed), 09:58
Thanks for the input!!!

It's awesome to hear what some outside sources think instead of friends and family all the time. The first and second photos are my favorite.

I hear you on the shutter speed. I hate shooting fast shutter speeds. I'm still working on my panning. It's probably one of the more frustrating things for me. This was my first time taking photos of the superbikes with my EOS 10D. I can't wait to shoot more!

I'll post some color versions and some other stuff tonight when I get home from work!:D

5th of January 2005 (Wed), 10:03
cool angles!
Very nice shots (not very fond of selective color in sports photography though)

5th of January 2005 (Wed), 18:17
Very nice!! Sure wish I could take my 12R around that track once :)


5th of January 2005 (Wed), 19:45
Okay so here's a few more that I havent altered the back ground on. Hopefully they aren't too redundant...

Jamie Hacking

Jake Zemke

Jake again...

Mat Mladin

Eric Bostrom

Aaron Yates

Let me know if I'm posting too many...no trying to bogg anything down here...:)

5th of January 2005 (Wed), 20:38
I love the Ben Spies pic - there's just something about it, it's almost dreamlike. Good stuff!

24th of February 2005 (Thu), 14:13
Did you use the 75-300mm Tamron with the tele-converter for these shots??

24th of February 2005 (Thu), 17:50
Hello Andy

Well Done! You have a nice collection of images there. Thank You for sharing...

Just one little tip, after you resize your images for the web hit them with a little USM to bring back the sharpness. USM Amount - 500 Radius - 0.2 Threshold - 0 works best.

24th of February 2005 (Thu), 17:59
NICE! good photoshop work on those few too!

24th of February 2005 (Thu), 19:46
Nice shots!!

25th of February 2005 (Fri), 04:30
nice pics indeed... :) Our season doesn't start for another 4 weeks :(