View Full Version : Apalachicola River

30th of June 2008 (Mon), 17:13
one of my friends and I have been talking about taken people down the Apalachicola River starting in Blountstown, Fl down to Apalachicola, Fl. it will be about a 80 mile trip on a boat which will give everyone that comes many many photography ops.


let me know if anyone is interested.

1st of July 2008 (Tue), 15:36
This sounds interesting.

Pending dates, $, etc. I'm interested.


1st of August 2008 (Fri), 02:18
I am very interested. I travel to SGI multiple times a year and would love to do a trip down the river, but when the weather is much cooler.

6th of August 2008 (Wed), 17:27
Sorry for the time it took for me to answer you back, i am not sure of the cost maybe around $400, and that would include breakfast at a local restaurant in Blountstown, Fl , snacks/lunch on the boat and dinner at a local Restaurant in Apalachicola, Fl.