View Full Version : 13 Ounces of Pain

2nd of July 2008 (Wed), 08:48
Ok, so these aren't anywhere near the creative photos others here post, oh well... Anyway, this is the one in my signature, all 13.3 ounces of it. More than a handful with Magnums, but it's okay. I doubt I'd even notice if I ever really need it (not to mention, I always shoot double taps with only one hand - this doesn't help much to reduce the pain! :confused:).

Let me know what you think (good, okay, bad - should I stick to flowers and nature?!)?


Crimson Trace Laser on and ready:



Corbon DPX .357 Magnums in Speedloader:

Combat Night Sight doing its thing:

2nd of July 2008 (Wed), 09:31
Nice series, though it looks like the color balance was a bit off, towards the tungsten side. I might be mistaken and that is the actual color of the gun, but I don't think so. I really like the second one. I think the pain comes in on the shooter side after you fire a full cylinder of 357 mags through that scandium frame.

2nd of July 2008 (Wed), 17:32
yeah, 1, 3 and 4 have an orange tint as though the kelvin was set a little higher than normal.

2nd of July 2008 (Wed), 17:56
That looks like a wrist breaker! Nice series, I really like the one with the CTC grip on!

3rd of July 2008 (Thu), 07:43
Nice images! It's strange to think that if you had one of those in England, you would land up in prison for 5 years!

3rd of July 2008 (Thu), 20:06
Let me know what you think (good, okay, bad - should I stick to flowers and nature?!)?

I think you should shoot more pictures of it. :)