View Full Version : UK Salisbury - Anybody want some wedding experience?

12th of July 2008 (Sat), 09:54
Hi all,

Have been volunteered to be the photographer at a friends wedding and am looking for a second person to come along to help out. Would be good experience for anyone wanting to get into this field.

I have never done a wedding before (have pointed this out to the B&G so no expectations) so it may be a case of the blind leading the blind :rolleyes::lol:. Only requirement is that you have your own gear and are able to take a decent pic. Experience of weddings, flash etc. would be great though! No definite pay but I will bring along a dye-sub printer to sell 8x6's to guests at the reception and would expect to split any profit so should at least cover travel costs etc.

Bit embarrassing but I can't remember the date - is either September or October (will edit this post on Monday when I can find out. Ceremony is at St. Pauls church, reception is in the Guildhall (both Salisbury town centre) and it would be an all day deal. Edit: Wedding is on the 11th October but have a couple of people interested now, thanks!

Send me a PM if you want more details.



14th of July 2008 (Mon), 14:58
PM'd you.....