View Full Version : Wedding Photos in bright Sunlight - Advice

14th of July 2008 (Mon), 10:24

I made the mistake of placing all the subjects in my first wedding facing more or less directly into the sun...:eek:!

Got my second wedding approaching - any advice on where to place the subjects in relation to the sun???


14th of July 2008 (Mon), 10:26
Depending on where it is, in terms of height, I would have the sun behind me so couple facing the sun. Only downside is, it can cause the couple to squint.

If you have the sun infront of you, behind the couple, use some fill flash to help out. Be careful if glare from the sun which may cause flare. Its hard to determine where it will be so try and keep an eye out for some shade also.

14th of July 2008 (Mon), 12:01
More than often I use manual flash override the sunlight. Or place your subject 's face opposite to the sun direction and use fill flash to bright up their face. Be very careful when use AV mode because if you meter the sun than you subject 's face can turns out too dark...

14th of July 2008 (Mon), 12:03
great tips thanks

14th of July 2008 (Mon), 12:13
Put the sun at 45 degrees behind them and use fill flash.
I would not suggest having them face the sun where you will get very harsh shadows and squinting.

14th of July 2008 (Mon), 14:39
i kinda like having the sun skim across them so i put the sun to the side. just make sure one persons shadow isnt falling on the other persons face (group shots)
for couples i try put sun hmm well usually i cant help where the sun is cuz im more concerned about my background and direction of the wind. then set me flash for correct exposure.

15th of July 2008 (Tue), 21:21
People squint looking into the sun. Put the sun behind them, in what position is your call, and use your flash to light them. At an angle you might have to deal with bright light on the sides of their face, which will cause blown highlights. A battery pack will help a lot with recharge times, as you'll probably be needing near full power if you want to expose for the background. Don't burn your flash out.

15th of July 2008 (Tue), 21:35
Learn how to "overpower" the sun with your flash if it's overhead (not directly) and behind them.

René Damkot
15th of July 2008 (Tue), 22:22
Yep. Use the sun as back- or hair light, flash as fill (or main).

15th of July 2008 (Tue), 22:23
If you can't find shade, have the sun in your own face, not theirs.

15th of July 2008 (Tue), 22:27
Beware of lens flare and poor contrast if the sunlight is directly striking your lens.

15th of July 2008 (Tue), 22:29
That too.

17th of July 2008 (Thu), 03:49
Thanks Guys, Will try the 45 degree angle behind them - whilst making sure the backdrop is suitable and there's no lens flare ;-)!

7th of December 2009 (Mon), 20:16
when ever i have to work in bright sun light i position the people to were the sun is behind them. that way there is no sun in there face! and i always use my photoshop cs3 to fix the rest!