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27th of July 2008 (Sun), 01:06
Following Jamie Holladay's example, I thought I'd share as few of the weird stuff images I managed to come up with. These are not going to be to everyones taste ...

1. Vertical slow shutter pan

2. Trying for gloomy skies but the buildings kind of kill the shot

3. Angled slow pan - the background at this part of the circuit (Manfield) is full of advertising

4. Perhaps the least weird of the lot - truth be told I like this one :oops:

5. Snap zoom
http://www.nzsportspics.com/potn/weird (6).jpg

6. Getting to the point where it is just a mess ....
http://www.nzsportspics.com/potn/weird (7).jpg

27th of July 2008 (Sun), 04:11
I really like 2,4,5 they look really cool
the rest are a little messy for my taste

27th of July 2008 (Sun), 09:15
Can you describe the techniques you used for each of these? I really like #2, #4 and #5!

Jamie Holladay
27th of July 2008 (Sun), 13:05
I like the fact that the nose on the first one is sharp, but I don't like not being able to see the whole car. So to quote a mentor or mine close but no cigar.
I light the cigar for on #4. The only thing to me that would have made this shot any better is if the car in the bottom of the frame was the whole car.
In #5 I like what you are thinking, but I am wanting something to be sharp to draw my eye to. 1/4 is a long exposure for a pit stop wow. Maybe try that one again with out the zoom, keeping the nose/driver sharp and letting the pit crew move creating the blur?

27th of July 2008 (Sun), 16:35
Cool feedback - like your ideas Jamie ... I'm off to Manfeild again soon (where 4 was taken) I'll see what I can come up with.

With luck a few more people will add in some wierd stuff - certainly different from the nicely framed, pin sharp 3/4 shots (and I'd better mention the pans or I'll start that discussion all over agin)

Cheers Dave

Jamie Holladay
27th of July 2008 (Sun), 22:53
I have another missed pan ;) I'll post it tomorrow just for fun.

27th of July 2008 (Sun), 23:06
I do that stuff when I get bored, too, so I kind of understand. ;)
Great 1/60th pan in #4 & I like the first one, too.

28th of July 2008 (Mon), 02:19
Can you describe the techniques you used for each of these? I really like #2, #4 and #5!

I'll have a go ...

1 - Pan at 1/80 sec - f14 - rather than do it in landscape and level I did it with the camera in portrait and rather than pan right to left I panned "over" the car as it went past.

2 - Is mostly post processing although I was using a grad filter to darken down the skies.

3 - A less extreeme version of 1 aimed at getting the in focus part of the car across the driver - helped by some post processing in the colours and darkened up slightly - nothing in the PP was used to create the blur.

4 - 1/60 pan at 600mm - perhaps the most traditional of all the shots - this was really made in the framing. I must have 10 of these where there is only one or no cars going in the opposite direction.

5 - Set the camera on something solid and get the shutter speed low - as in 1/4 of a second type slow. Close the shutter and zoom the lens at the same time

6 - The same as 5 except a lot more zoom. I think Jamie has the better idea for these - Go with the slow shutter speed (even slower would be good) and let the movement of the pit crew blur around the driver.

Hope that helped. A lot of this is experimentation rather than great skill and dilligance to the art :oops:

cheers Dave

28th of July 2008 (Mon), 03:23
I like 2, however I don't see 4 & 5 as being close to 'weird'. In fact, 5 is particuarly uncommon, however I have done this one many of times to make a good photo, the problem with this technique is that it doesn't always work, it seems to work best with a busier background. It can be a rather tricky technique.

#4 is a wonderful pan, may I ask, was this a mode 2 IS pan, what were the settings used?

But all the others (except 3) I would call very abnormal, especially the virticle pan, I'd expect this one more commonly at an amusment park or something.

edit: I love #6 because it is somewhat symmetrical, nice job I think, but I know what you meant to say, overly blurry, like a 30" shutter handheld - bad news. You pulled this one off very well.

28th of July 2008 (Mon), 06:48
No 4 is 1/60 at 600mm F10 Shutter priority - Left of centre Focal Point A1 Servo and mode 2 IS

28th of July 2008 (Mon), 08:56
#1 works for me the most - I love this creative stuff!!

28th of July 2008 (Mon), 10:30
pic no.2 ftw!
i do karting :D