View Full Version : 100mm macro with reversed 50mm questions...

2nd of August 2008 (Sat), 01:06
So I was pretty happy with my kenko tubes on my 100mm but since the reversing ring for my 50mm was only $8, I figured I'd give it a try.

So the 100mm plus reversed 50 is really getting me close...almost TOO close. Sometimes the items are on the lens.

How do you work with this setup? Do you just back the minimum focus back out to get away from your subject a bit? I see people using the 50 reversed a lot, but just in my quick shots, the 100/reversed 50 combo gets you too close. Thoughts?

3rd of August 2008 (Sun), 10:09

3rd of August 2008 (Sun), 10:49
There is no adjusting anything. That's why it is not more common. You have to set both at infinity. Since the 100 and 50 don't zoom there is nothing you can do to adjust it. Your are taking 2 fixed focal lenses and making 1 fixed focal lens. The only thing yo can do is buy a macro lens or try other lenses to reverse.

3rd of August 2008 (Sun), 18:55
Or use extension rings with your 100mm macro.

3rd of August 2008 (Sun), 19:15
Sorry, but thats how it works.
It makes it very difficult for lighting the subject but at least it gives nice sharp results and gives you 3x life size.