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5th of August 2008 (Tue), 02:06
I will be taking pictures at the Grandprix of Mosport LeMans series later in the month. I have never been to this track before, so I would like tips on where around the track i should set up to get the most creative/best shots.


7th of August 2008 (Thu), 21:46
Outside of #3, either right in front of the concession stand or just down the hill from there. you can get a good angle of the cars as they crest the hill at the apex of the corner.

Top of hill by concession stand:

Further down hill:

Anywhere around the outside of #5 is definitely the best spot IMO. Steep hill and the hairpin make for some cool angles. There is also some signs in the bg that make things interesting:

Leading into #5:

Cresting #5:

And across the top of #5:

The inside of #8, the outside of #10 and the outside of #1 are also some interesting places to try and panning along the outside of the front stretch by the bridge is cool too - but #3 and #5 are my favourites.

You may want to go to the track on another weekend if you can just to get oriented and bring a vehicle with decent ground clearance. It can take a LONG time to get from spot to spot and my little Honda struggled on some of the access roads.

No C&C on these pics please. I posted them as examples of the vantage points and hope they do not hi-jack this thread.

8th of August 2008 (Fri), 04:03
"outside of number 5". is that dangerous at all? standing in front of oncoming traffic i mean?

8th of August 2008 (Fri), 08:14
you are up on top of the wall so there is no risk at all. standing in the right spot and with a zoom and the right angles you can make it look like you are track level :)

8th of August 2008 (Fri), 08:23
Shooting from inside the pits, I used to get some nice low shots from 9 shooting toward 8. I don't know what the situation is now, though. "outside of number 5". is that dangerous at all? standing in front of oncoming traffic i mean? Be sure & buy more life insurance before you go! :D

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8th of August 2008 (Fri), 09:45
With Mosport there's not really one best place to setup, the track is so open and accessible that you'll find yourself walking around all over for some cool shots. Here's a rough breakdown:

My flickr has a ton of images from Mosport to give you an idea of various ideas to shoot. My favourites would be Turn 10, Turn 8, Turn 5a/5b, Turn 3 and Turn 2 from the spectator areas.

Media access is a whole other world :)

9th of August 2008 (Sat), 00:22
well then, i should mention that i will have media access.

awesome shots "Not4you". I hope to get something as good as you got.

9th of August 2008 (Sat), 15:03
Pretty cool, you've got a hard card for the ALMS series?

9th of August 2008 (Sat), 22:57
its my first time covering mosport. I don't know if the card is hard (or is that just a general saying people say to refer to a press pass?)