View Full Version : 24"+ Screen/iMac users respond

13th of August 2008 (Wed), 09:25
I've counted well over 100 people that have walked into my room over the past two years and ask.... "wow is that yours?" or "oooooooo how big is that?" and the worst of all "Wow huge computer!" I'll admit it's sometimes nice to hear that people appreciate the amazing looks of a 24" iMac but I really dont know what to say to "Wow huge computer!".... :confused: Do I say "thanks?" or "Yea... I know." does anyone else have this happen to them?

13th of August 2008 (Wed), 09:55
No, I don't let people in my room! :p

13th of August 2008 (Wed), 11:28
well aren't we anti social lol :p

14th of August 2008 (Thu), 05:16
well aren't we anti social lol :p
Yeah.. lol. I'll have to invite some friends over to admire it! :p

14th of August 2008 (Thu), 07:59
Screen envy is out of control.

14th of August 2008 (Thu), 08:38
Size does matta.

Ronald S. Jr.
18th of August 2008 (Mon), 02:24
Yep...I have the 24" aluminum iMac, and each and every person that has come into the living room where it is says "wow, what a nice computer...how big is that?"

Sadly, the next question is usually "Hmm...what version of windows is THAT?"

18th of August 2008 (Mon), 07:41
I only have a 21" iiyama screen, but throbbing away underneath it I have the 'Thunderbirds are go!' of the Mac computer world,

The 'Mac Pro' daddaaaaa,

Room for four hard drives, 2 x 2,6 gig processors and four Gig of memory as well as lots of other stuff and guess what people say?

NOTHING, not a peep, nada, zilch, nowt

They just don't understand that size isn't eveything:(