View Full Version : Canon 400 f/5.6 for sports?

24th of January 2005 (Mon), 01:30
I'm leaning on this lens for wildlife, but wondered if anyone has used it for sports. I realize it would have to be outdoor or well lit indoor to be used.


24th of January 2005 (Mon), 02:06
Super fast AF.. if you have the light,. and need the length,. it'll do just fine.

24th of January 2005 (Mon), 03:38
Your profile says "California" so I guess outdoors daytime light isn't going to be an issue for you. Forget about using it indoors or under floodlighting though, it's too slow.

25th of January 2005 (Tue), 20:04
Thanks CDS and Cadwell.

Cadwell, Southern California more specifically. Now if the sun can just get through all that smog. :)