View Full Version : Hurricane arrives on your wedding day

14th of August 2008 (Thu), 14:09
Well I know this picture isn't something out of the ordinary, but its actually the story behind it that makes it memorable.

When I was away for my sister's wedding, the day the wedding fell on we were supposed to be hit by Hurricane Bertha. It would've ruined everything and made for a horrible day. Fortunately we weren't hit and the hurricane slowed down.

Two days later the hurricane starting regaining its speed and hit the island as a category one. Shannon, seen in the picture was supposed to have her wedding on the beach that day. Her photographer was only signed on to take pictures for an hour. So I offered to take a couple of pictures in the hotel while she waited to go to the small church for her wedding. The groom's family didn't arrive because the cruise wasn't going to dock in this weather. I felt horrible.

I couldn't even imagine what she must've been going through that day, but she had a huge smile in all of the pictures! Destination/beach weddings could potentially be such a blast, but there is always that little bit of uncertainty!


14th of August 2008 (Thu), 14:14
Beautiful photo! And wow what a story!!

16th of August 2008 (Sat), 21:53
What a story, and a great capture. Nice job.