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28th of August 2008 (Thu), 01:24
Hey everyone. I really like this pano I took and was thinking about having it printed but would like to get some c&c. I did some cloning and other things so I'm interested if it's noticeable to anyone or just me.
there is one thing that bothers me but I can't really change it.
Curious to see what others think :)


If I need to post it somewhere bigger, let me know and I'll try and figure it out.

28th of August 2008 (Thu), 01:33
Nice sense of depth and wonderful color!

My only nit is the half a tree at camera left. I'd pull the left edge in and lose it...

How many frames total?

[EDIT] Shoot this in AZ?

28th of August 2008 (Thu), 01:43
Thank you! There was more of the tree showing and I took it out. Guess the rest should go too. ;)
Shot it up in Flag. last weekend.
It's 4 frames.

28th of August 2008 (Thu), 01:45
Last Weekend? Wow...

Looks more like March than nearly September.

28th of August 2008 (Thu), 22:37
Very nice panoramic.
However, the right hand 25% is wasted on nothing new. In other words, the optimum image already exists in the left hand 75%, and nothing is gained with the additional portion to the right.

29th of August 2008 (Fri), 10:00
I have to agree with Bob. You have a huge tree sticking right in the center of the panoramic. It would be a much stronger composition to cut out everything past the smaller trees in the foreground to the right.

29th of August 2008 (Fri), 10:29
I agree with Bob about the dominant view being in the left 75 % of the image.

I would like to view the image cropped as Bob suggested but with more tree showing on the left border. IMO, that tree would be a good use of framing and a strong anchor for improving depth perception. Cropping the right side as Bob suggests would remove the main tree from its current too-centralilzed location.