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Chris Potts
3rd of September 2008 (Wed), 10:00
I have been a lot search some informations on POTN, Tips, Youtube and also Flickr photo gallery shown.

I find most people perfer photo shoot car without flashguns. Other few people use flashguns. Which is better with or without flash?

Apart that I know "Do not flash direct to car". Only use bonce light upward.

I was thinking buy new Canon Speedlite 430EX and small Monopod maybe Manfrotto coming up soon.

Any tips for me ? :)

Chris Potts
4th of September 2008 (Thu), 06:13
no anwer yet. :confused: :oops:

Let me try clear question:-

Do you must bring Flashgun with you when you go International Motor Show or best without it ?

Any tip setting for Motor show photo.

4th of September 2008 (Thu), 08:11
This guy is the best there is.


Ya might try to PM him or hope he chimes in.

4th of September 2008 (Thu), 08:46
OK, this is just my personal way of working, so much depends on the effect you are trying to achieve - we all have our own styles.

I like to work with the lighting that is there already, the manufacturers go to great lengths to light the car to best effect with multiple light setups that usually give a good look to the car. Lighting it with a flashgun kills all of that and gives you a 'one-light' setup, assuming you are exposing for the flash output. Also, if you are quite close to the car (often essential or people will just stand in front of you) flash fall-off means that the car is bright at one end only. Good for some shots but not others.

Bounce flash is often impractical due to the high roofs in many halls, although a white wall, or display board, may be usable.

Yes, flash gives you more light, the hall lighting is good but relatively low power so a fast lens, or one with IS, is essential most of the time (some stands do use more powerful spotlights).

So, I shoot to expose for the stand lighting but I DO still use a flashgun as well in some cases. However, I use it straight on at the car with a -2 to -2 2/3 compensation, so that it doesn't affect the ambient light but instead fills in deep shadows a little, it also adds sparkle to bright work and light lenses.

That doesn't benefit all shots, some it helps dramatically whilst others may lose some of the 'mood' generated by the spotlights. You have to decide when and how to use it. The advantage of digital means you aren't limited to how many shots you can take, so you can experiment, some with, some without flash, different FEC values etc.

You probably won't get a definite answer to your question, photography is about developing a style that suits you, so there will be many ways of shooting in car shows and people will tell you their way.

I suggest that you take on board the answers you get and then experiment with the different ways of shooting, you will then develop your own way of shooting that gets you the shots you want. More importantly, you will learn a lot about what helps in certain situations, making you a better photographer.

Good luck, I hope you get some great shots. Be sure to post some for us to see.

4th of September 2008 (Thu), 10:13
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Chris Potts
6th of September 2008 (Sat), 07:48
Hi Sandpiper,

Cheer okay. I think I will bring flashgun with me in case see how I going.

Good luck, I hope you get some great shots. Be sure to post some for us to see

Thank, I will try my best shot and post here late next month.

Hi PhotosGuy,

Cheer Brillant, thank for link. That a lot to interesting read up and make copy to my short note. Also I will try put in more prastic before I go to Motor show next month. Hopefully I will happy shot good picture.

last time, I did went to British Motor show at NEC was 6 year ago (That time I used Canon G5). I were bit dissapoint look not good my photo picture because it was too dark. Hey I did learn my mistake. I will try learn improve this time next month.

Thank you for information and tip. :D