View Full Version : And Another Cat Shot!

8th of September 2008 (Mon), 12:36
Just got my Canon 40D today so whacked the new Sigma 17-70mm F/2.8 lens on it and chased the cat around for a bit...

Sorry it's not the traditional duck shot :rolleyes:

Very impressed with the lens and camera for a first rapid shot :)

8th of September 2008 (Mon), 19:38
Now that is one serious lookin' cat!! I think you were lucky to get this shot and looks like you're about through with the session. LOL. Pretty eyes and the focus is great. Thanks for sharing.

8th of September 2008 (Mon), 22:08
"I don't WANT to go to the vet!" He does not look pleased! Beautiful eye color that kitty has.

9th of September 2008 (Tue), 03:50
Thanks folks... he really is just a pussycat. Just caught him trying to look evil but he doesn't fool anyone round our way. He's built like a big seal pup but runs from cats half his size :rolleyes: