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Compact Diss
8th of September 2008 (Mon), 18:54
This guy trains at my sons gym, unfortunately he lost the fight.

Trying to use new angles while shooting, this one came out alright.


This fight ended in 28 seconds by standing guillotine, something I have never seen before in a live fight.

The fights were held at Club Lido's, Revere MA. Saturday 9/6/08.
C+C is always welcome.
Pics were at ISO 1600, more or less at 200 for shutter speed. Used a Canon XTi and a 24-70L.

8th of September 2008 (Mon), 19:55
Great shots! Love 3.

8th of September 2008 (Mon), 23:27
Pretty good. However, the pics are a tad on the orange side due to the Tungsten lighting. To remedy that, you've either got to do a custon white balance, or set the white balance to "Tungsten light".

Compact Diss
9th of September 2008 (Tue), 01:51
Thanks for the comments and Snap you are exactly right. I never shot fights on custom white balance before, I'm always in a state of learning with the camera.... It's very easy to see why my pics have different colors than other photogs...Ah...always something new...oh well, at least the fights I shoot on Saturday should come out a hell of a lot better!
Thanks for the c & c!!


9th of September 2008 (Tue), 08:34
It's easy. Here's how:

1. I take a pic of a white piece of paper by the cageside, provided the key illuminating lights that are on.

2. on your camera settings: Menu> Custom White Balance> (choose image) press "set"

3. set your white balance mode to "Custom"


4. take a few test shots of and around the cage to make sure you've got it where you want it, and

5. repeat if necessary

Compact Diss
9th of September 2008 (Tue), 08:56
Thanks! I tried out the settings last night in my house, I saw a complete difference in the photos before and after using the Custom WB. I'm really excited for the fights on Saturday! This should bring my photos to a better level, seriously thanks for helping me to look into this.