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8th of February 2005 (Tue), 07:58
Which ever photo got the most votes in the last round in each poll will be selected as the representative on pbase. This polls highest vote getter from last round was "Blue Dawn"

Checkmark all the images you feel deserve a chance to win before selecting "submit"

Final voting:

28 Photos remain. If yours is one of them you ought to be proud. I realize the voting has been slightly odd but i am still confident that a clear winner will prevail.

Three final polls will be posted shortly. Two will contain 9, one will contain 10. If you vote in one poll, please vote in all.

There will be no limit to the amount of photos you can vote for. Although there are three polls, all three are competing with each other. Whoever has the most votes at the end of one week will be declared the winner.

I am sorry if this format upsets you, or if the past format has upset you. I know i had fun looking at these photos and i hope you guys did too. We have a vast amount of talent on this message board, and this contest, as poorly run as it may have been, shows this.

If there is an image in any poll that you feel does not deserve a vote, then dont vote for it. If none of the images in that poll are deserving in your opinion, then do not vote for any.

Remember that we are voting on "The best image". From the start Tim made it clear that he did not mean the best image technically. Rather you should vote on whichever image most impresses you (this will often include the technical aspects of the photo, but they should not be the only aspects).

For these first rounds you will only be able to select one image, that will eventually change.

Images can be viewed here:
http://www.pbase.com/timmyquest/best_of_the_best (http://www.pbase.com/timmyquest/best_of_the_best)
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