View Full Version : Canon D30 or similar DSLR body

22nd of September 2008 (Mon), 07:06
First of all, please excuse my bad english. :)
Well, I search a Canon D30 body in mint or very good condition. Until now I used a film Canon EOS 300 body, but I need a digital camera for little money. I find that the D30 is perfect to my photographic needs - the shutter speed is fast enough, the settings, the display size (I got used with the lack of possibility to see what you've just shot), the ergonomics, the size of the image - all together suits well to my needs and expectations as a amateur.
So, I accept any kind of offers and will decide which one is the best for me.
In extreme absence of sellers of D30, I will accept offers of cameras, similar to the D30 as price, age and performance. ;)
You can leave me a personal message, contact me on skype: s_tongue оr icq: 248-319-818. That's all for now. Thank you in advance. ;)

2nd of October 2008 (Thu), 09:18
Selling 2 Canon 10D Camera Bodies - Both have an "error 99" which is a easy fix and cost about 150.00 through Canon. Make offer if your interested. THX