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23rd of September 2008 (Tue), 20:59
A photo of my nephew that was shot horizontally. I didn't like the horizontal version to I rotated it 90 degrees counterclockwise and this is what I got.

Click here to see a larger version (http://www.pbase.com/hmetal/image/103435995/original)

23rd of September 2008 (Tue), 22:12
I like it but IMO I'd like to see a bit more DOF, at least into the near eye.

24th of September 2008 (Wed), 01:22
Agree with NSG40D, just a tad more DOF, looks like the lips are in focus, but we want the near eye at a minimum.

25th of September 2008 (Thu), 13:55
Looks like the focus fell on the lips. May be look for another one.

26th of September 2008 (Fri), 01:51
Shoot it at F8!

28th of September 2008 (Sun), 09:26
I think at least the near eye should be in focus. but I like the lighting. did you soften the skin or is that all just bokeh?

edit: I just noticed you shot at ISO 100 with a 5D. I guess you could easily go up to ISO 800 and get the f8 DOF ItsMike suggested. Sounds like a good idea.

29th of September 2008 (Mon), 15:51
Like it other then the focus, but that already been addressed. Thanks for sharing.

1st of October 2008 (Wed), 16:52
I love it. Technically you could argue about an eye not being in focus, but the picture is intriguing. Wonderful.

2nd of October 2008 (Thu), 02:39
regardless of the eyes not being in focus, i think its a beautiful shot. Every part of a baby is so beautiful...so seeing the little lips and nose more in focus is great too!

3rd of October 2008 (Fri), 07:20
Ray, I know it is not the Same shot, But Similar.. I shot this at F16!!! Exif is there.. Just to give you an idea on the Higher F-stop.


6th of October 2008 (Mon), 02:37
Hi Guys,

Sorry for the delayed reply. Actually, this was just one shot of a series we did. I focused a very shallow depth of field on each part of Gabriel's tony face.

I liked how this one came out overall, even with the softness of his eyes.

Thanks for all yout comments though. They are appreciated.