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24th of September 2008 (Wed), 09:42
Shot this old hotrod outside a diner I went to yesterday morning. Couldn't really shoot multi-shot frames for HDR cause I didn't have my tripod with me. But I like how it came out anyway. Gonna love this forum. :lol:


24th of September 2008 (Wed), 10:29
yeah...it came out nice mitch...except that blown-out area on the seat and kust above the windscreen on the road...I think if you tone it down a bit...it will look better...

thanks for sharing....
and yeah...I am as happy as you are for the HDR forum...hurraaaaay :)


24th of September 2008 (Wed), 10:33
Thanks Avi. I think the blown out parts are something I forgot to clone out of the original. Here's the original. :lol:


24th of September 2008 (Wed), 10:40
yeah..I think it will be easy to PP using exposure blending...
one question though...when this guy has invested so much on tyres...then why not a good paint job :)


24th of September 2008 (Wed), 10:41
OK, I did some more cloning above the windshield.

Not sure, about the paint. It might be in the middle of rebuilding, but probaly not. I think he might be proud of the rat look. :)

24th of September 2008 (Wed), 10:44
yeah....looks better...and that was actually quick edit..
now the only part left is on the seats...


25th of September 2008 (Thu), 16:00
Thanks for a look at the original - I was wondering what was going on in the background of the PP'ed image - it looks like a curling wave of asphalt coming toward the subject :) (cloned or stretched from the original?)


25th of September 2008 (Thu), 16:06
Ha, I thought it came out looking like wet asphault. But I started on the left corner and cloned out some of the cars, then took a bigger piece and so on, eventually working across the top to get rid of some of that junk. :)

25th of September 2008 (Thu), 16:11
It's a buet.

25th of September 2008 (Thu), 16:31
I like it. You brought out the textures well. The hand grenade for a hood ornament finishes off the Rat look perfectly. :)

25th of September 2008 (Thu), 17:04
Thanks Tom and Rob. The car had a Vanity plate saying ARATROD. I use to own a Rat Harley Shovelhead. It was a hot bike inside, but ouside looked like this Rod, so I know the thinking behind it. :)

Bill Pham
25th of September 2008 (Thu), 22:43
i don't know about you. i be scare driving that thing. look at all the rust on that frame. nice job on it though Mitch.


25th of September 2008 (Thu), 22:48
Nice shot Mitch.. I love the rust and I wouldn't mind taking it out for a spin!

25th of September 2008 (Thu), 23:54
the ultimate rat rod...

nice shot.

26th of September 2008 (Fri), 06:07
Thanks Bill, Joayne and 82. Actually, the rust wasn't that bad. Just surface stuff, not scaled and flaking off. Overall, it was in good shape. Some light sanding and primer would have fixed it up good. It's no doubt kept in a garage and only gets out a few times a year.

I posted the regular shots of this hotrod in Transportation a few days ago. Here's that thread if you want to see more of it (http://photography-on-the.net/forum/showthread.php?t=573575). :)

26th of September 2008 (Fri), 07:26
pretty cool ride... i think it could use a paint job though...lol or mabey a little buffing might bring back the shine!!

yes... thats for this new HDR forum...its about time!

26th of September 2008 (Fri), 07:35
HAHA, I think the HDR treatment did more than buffing could for this old rat. :)

Yup, can't wait to see the HDR forum Blossom. I first saw the Flickr Pool a couple years ago and been hooked ever since. You ought to see some of these printed on metallic paper. I'll bet your two diner shots would jump off the print. ;)

26th of September 2008 (Fri), 07:51
i have never tried printing on metallic paper yet..

the diner shot (Turnpike Diner) was used on a Local Calendar and a friend of mine actually bought a copy to frame (he would not take it for free..lol) but i have never printed any of these yet.

26th of September 2008 (Fri), 07:59
I use a printing house over in St. Paul. White House Custom Color, you can Google it. They offer metallic paper prints, which I ordered for the first time a couple weeks ago and had a couple of my HDR images printed. All I can say is watch out, cause they jump off the paper at you. Very much like those laser pictures, but they don't change on you, just a lot of depth and the colors are very intense. Try it, it's cheap. I got 4 8x10's delivered for $12. :)