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9th of February 2005 (Wed), 12:57
Hey there.

If a person has a 20D, a laptop, a printer, and some cardboard frames would they be able to do some business taking pictures at events?

Would you be willing to share some of your expertise about this?



9th of February 2005 (Wed), 13:51
For starters, have a look at this current thread:


Also take a look at this:


Hope it helps a little.

There is certainly business to be done. More information may help - e.g. what kind of events are you considering?

11th of February 2005 (Fri), 09:24
Add an assistant to that equipment list. It's almost impossible to shoot, process, and sell at the same time.

11th of February 2005 (Fri), 09:32
I've seen guys shooting, printing, "cardboard" framing and selling at the NJCAA basketball finals. One assistant if not two is a must.

11th of February 2005 (Fri), 11:26
what kind of color fast printer are you planning to use???

13th of February 2005 (Sun), 12:23
In this situation we all would like to give an "instant satisfaction" to our clients. However, I have learned that it is best to set a standard for clients that they will come to expect for service. Instant gratification is fine, at first. When things become busy it becomes more difficult to keep to our policy of instant satisfaction. Especially if there are small photoshop touch-ups. We have to implement a turnaround time for customers to pick up their prints.
I have found that it is best to implement this turnaround time right away. People come to expect a certain service. If it changes from one week to another, they wonder why. "Gee, last week I only had to wait 10 minutes for my print. This week its a day?"
I have found that a good majority of photographers have a turnaround time of a week or two. One reason is they still shoot film. You can set a standard for a 1 week turnaround. People will come to expect this. If you happen to give the customer what he wants before that time, then great. You have a very happy client.