View Full Version : Looking for a photo/photographer/stacking photo portrait of a FLY

1st of October 2008 (Wed), 13:26
I have posted this already, but I thought by making a 'dedicated' thread, I may get more help.

There was a guy that won a prize recently (In the last 2 years perhaps?) for a 'portrait of a fly head', using stacking technique. I think he took like 200 photos using a microscope and stacked them, but I cannot find the original photo anywhere on the web.

Does anyone know who took it, or where I can see the photo? I think he may have been a Nikon user.

I would really like to see that photo again. It was rather stunning...

1st of October 2008 (Wed), 13:52
Suspect it might be charles Krebs- http://www.krebsmicro.com/
can't see the pics I was thinking of on that site- but he posts regularly here http://www.photomacrography.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=4916

Brian V.

1st of October 2008 (Wed), 14:11
bingo. that's the chap. thanks for enlightening me. I think this is the image, but to see this properly, i'd needs a high res. large image:


I was also watching a documentary on this fellow, on how he made it, but I cannot recall if this was on the web or TV, and, as you can guess, I cannot find that either :(

bandit 1
1st of October 2008 (Wed), 17:56
Hiya Andrew,

Just had a quick look around try this 1st link maybe that's the one you're looking for ????




Cheers for now