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2nd of October 2008 (Thu), 12:33

2nd of October 2008 (Thu), 15:42
why did you post the same image twice?

nice smile.

2nd of October 2008 (Thu), 16:06
In the second shot looks like he did some PP on her face.

2nd of October 2008 (Thu), 16:50
I did, trying to make it better.

2nd of October 2008 (Thu), 21:07
Wait. I get it. This is one of those where you try and find the differences between the two , right?

2nd of October 2008 (Thu), 21:44
I was trying to get tone right. I may have messed it up though.

2nd of October 2008 (Thu), 21:48
Fixing tonal and color issues is kind of a losing battle if you don't have your monitor properly calibrated for such things. You could try a levels adjustment layer and "do it by the numbers" but that would rely on you finding proper black, neutral, and white points to adjust your levels by.

3rd of October 2008 (Fri), 04:31
It's all a matter of opinion... what is the "correct" tone anyway? What ever makes you or the model happiest. I could put a blue gel on my strobe or go crazy with pp in PS, and in the end, if you like the results, go with it. I noticed the slightly warmer tone in the top one, but the difference isn't so great that it changes the dynamics that much.

4th of October 2008 (Sat), 18:05
I touched up a little bit. Did I go overboard?