View Full Version : Pens are FUN!

4th of October 2008 (Sat), 23:43
My son is obsessed with taking things apart.....I think this photo shows that quite well. (he was trying soooo hard to take the pen apart) What do you all think? :lol:


5th of October 2008 (Sun), 00:46
I love how concentrated he is on this pen! hehehe..:)))
The photo may need to be a bit more exposed IMO.

5th of October 2008 (Sun), 03:42
I'm going to disagree with Svetlana; if you exposed it any more I think his skin would be blown.

What I especially like is how you focused on the pen rather than him. If you'd put him in focus, it would have been a boring shot. (One strike against these new face-priority focus systems.)