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Ryan W
6th of October 2008 (Mon), 16:11
Okay, this was my first family session, I was asked along by a local Photographer - I wasn't paid, it was just so that I could build up my portfolio.

It was a great coupe of hours, and I had alot of fun! Lean't so much about how to deal with difficult situations - such as one of the kids coming in (the girl below) who was so shy and refused to have her picture taken! She came around in the end though and we got some great images! :D

Here's few i dragged from my blog... www.rtwphotography.wordpress.com (http://www.rtwphotography.wordpress.com)

The whole family


Kids ... I love this image!


Awww... 'why's he pointing a big black thing at me??)


Natural one of the kids!


Besautiful little girl! You know, the one who wouldn't look at a camera about 40 mins before! lol!


I'd love some C&C! :D

6th of October 2008 (Mon), 18:13
Very nice photos.. love the first one!

6th of October 2008 (Mon), 18:28
Great pictures! I really like the last one! How do you get the desaturated look and still keep the beautiful color of her eye?

Ryan W
7th of October 2008 (Tue), 16:54
Thanks guys :D

I used a Preset in Lightroom called 'Matts summer haze' - but it was a little strong so edited it myself and reduced the effects :)

HTH! Any other C&C guys :) ?

7th of October 2008 (Tue), 17:06
Nice images overall. Different PP... I would encourage you to have more of a 'look' rather than PP all over the place though.

I assume the "professional" photographer posed the first one? Is this a family portrait or a firing squad? Line 'em up against the wall? Probably, ah, not the most flattering for this type of a portrait. More suited to 'Wanted' posters. ;)

However, your poses seemed much more natural and better. Getting some interaction between the kids and such. Good job!

Ryan W
7th of October 2008 (Tue), 17:13
This was my first job with her, so TBH I wanted show a bit of diversity. I totally get what you mean though :D Thanks for the CC! :D

With reagard to the posing; The Old Lady in the shot actually won the session in a competition so the pro wasnt getting 'paid' for the shoot. We originally arranged for it to be in a local park, but it RAINED for a whole week beofre more or less and all day on the day of the session, so we were limited to shoot inside! We had a large conservatory, which was filled with CR*P and had to move everything just to get a small amount of room, this really was the only option. Good fun though eh?! lol!

Thanks for the comments guys :D

7th of October 2008 (Tue), 17:48
Well, IMO it doesn't matter whether you get paid or not. Seriously. After all, isn't that what makes a "pro"? Someone who can produce awesome images despite the conditions?

The space is fine. The posing is awful. I apologize for being so brutal, but if you said "You have to pose these people in the worst possible way, the least professional" This is how you do it. Postings here sound harsh and I don't mean to be harsh but if I were you, I'd connect myself to a different photographer. Obviously, this one isn't the cream of the crop. But that's just my two cents.

I actually liked your PP on those, by the way! Good job!

7th of October 2008 (Tue), 17:51
Hey, sorry, I just realized I should at least offer some alternatives.

Chairs? Kneeling? There's all sorts of different ways to get these people in a more interesting pose. Have the grandkids gathered around the parents? Kneel the large fellow on the end... The list goes on and on. Get creative! But I realize this wasn't your shoot, but for next time, I wanted to encourage you to a higher standard... ;)

7th of October 2008 (Tue), 18:56
i really like 2 and 4 wish the boys hand wasn't covering part of her face though. and i like the effects in 2 as well..good job

Ryan W
9th of October 2008 (Thu), 13:17
Thanks for the comment :)

i know, I was gutted when I processed it, but hey ho! They just started bickering ... it was quite funny and whilst everyone else was laughign I grab a quick shot :)

9th of October 2008 (Thu), 13:23
in the first one the girl in black looks photoshoped... like you added after the fact, everyone else is looking straight but her, she is looking at you...


Ryan W
9th of October 2008 (Thu), 14:38
Yeah she was added in later ....

She'es the great grandchild and had just started uni and a job, and couldn't get a day off work ... So they sent us a bunch of naff photographs! is it passable? This I think was the one that worked best...

Any tips for editing it further?