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10th of October 2008 (Fri), 12:26
I'm going to Cooperstown this weekend to see the baseball Hall of Fame! I'm bringing my 5D, but also want to bring my MF camera. Right now I have a roll of Ilford HP5 loaded (12 pics left) but feel like I should have Velvia loaded for this trip since I'd imagine cooperstown is going to be beautiful with fall color.

1) I figure out a way to get out the Ilford, load the velvia, then reload the ilford later

2) stay with black and white and just shoot my landscapes digitally...


10th of October 2008 (Fri), 14:37
Velvia is going to be a lot more interesting than B&W if it's foliage you're after. Use your HP5 to take some shots of Cooperstown and the Hall of Fame, i.e. architectural subjects that work better with B&W. Then plug in the Velvia for foliage.

10th of October 2008 (Fri), 15:45
how do i get the bw out without ruining it?

10th of October 2008 (Fri), 19:24
Wind the roll back into the spool, but leave the leader out if you want to take the HP5+ out.

10th of October 2008 (Fri), 19:31
Or just find 12 more shots to take.

10th of October 2008 (Fri), 21:30
I tried to roll it to the end then take it out...roll it back then a 3rd time to set it back to normal...

yeah... $6 later I'll get a new one and this one is mighty mangled!