View Full Version : Bootsy The Maine Coon

18th of October 2008 (Sat), 07:21
This beautiful cat was photographed in very low light with little help from an external flash pointed to the ceiling.

Taken Using the 100mm f2.8

It's not a great shot, so I would highly appreciate any C&C.


18th of October 2008 (Sat), 11:44
Getting a shot of a black-and-white kitty is not easy; either the blacks and too black or the whites are blown. And shooting at f2.8 there's not much depth of field either. Here, you could have made this a little darker to blacken the blacks and, perhaps, lose the blown-out whites on the bridge of kitty's nose. And the focus needs to be sharply on the eyes (or at least on one eye, with that shallow depth of field) where this appears to be on the nose.