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18th of October 2008 (Sat), 08:11
I have not traveled the US as much as I would like and have limited insights. I want to take a trip or two this year with a photographic emphasis. I have seen pictures from Glacier NP, Yellowstone, Crater Lake, the SW, Tetons, and such. Yet I know very little of them. Has anyone been to any of these places? I would be interested in hiking/camping about half of the time or more. My interest is landscape/wildlife photography. Any suggestions you could make for some scenic week long trips would be greatly appreciated. I would be able to take trips in Feb, June, and Sept. Hoping to get some ideas that would give me some places to further research.

18th of October 2008 (Sat), 15:51
All the national parks have websites, start your search on the Interior Department's site. Once you zero in on an area, search for national forests (administered by the Forest Service), state lands (often under each state's department of natural resources), wildlife refuges (under federal Fish & Wildlife), Bureau of Land Management lands (especially in SW), wilderness areas (again, the Forest Service, under USDA) We travel a great deal and always find these searches useful. States all have websites for state parks too. Google 'birding in Montana' and see how much pops up.

18th of October 2008 (Sat), 18:56
Ah, did not know you are considering Yellowstone as well :). I have been there in 2005, my first National Park in N. America. I'll see how much my memory can still serve me. Another email on the way ;).

18th of October 2008 (Sat), 21:45
I sure appreciate your willingness to help:)

19th of October 2008 (Sun), 10:56
You want to consider going in the off season to most of these parks. Early in April before the crowds start or in October when the crowds start to thin out. Don't under estimate the amount of people I am talking about. We were in Yellowstone and Tetons at the beginning of October and I thought there were still too many people. But the locals said it was really slow.

The wildlife are typically more active then anyway. The temp is lower so they are mobile during the day. They are trying to fatten up for hibernation or they are in rut. You do need to be very aware of bears in those areas.

19th of October 2008 (Sun), 15:21
Thanks. Good points. I hate crowds.

20th of October 2008 (Mon), 23:55
To avoid disappointment, Google all you can and search all forums because the various parks have different pros and cons depending on time of year and seasonal closures.
I just came back from Yosemite and King Cyn/Sequoia. In Y. I picked up this book (at the awesome Ahwanee Lodge in the gift shop):
The Photographer's Guide to Yosemite, by Michael Frye. $8.95. Looks like you can order it from the Yosemite Association, P.O. Box 230, El Portal, CA 95318.
It's very detailed, lists numerous photo targets, obvious and not so obvious, and it lists the best time of day and of year, plus lots of good photo hints of a more general nature but still specific to the targets discussed.