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26th of October 2008 (Sun), 17:35
http://shop.lenovo.com/SEUILibrary/controller/e/web/LenovoPortal/en_US/systemconfig.runtime.workflow:LoadRuntimeTree?sb=: 00000025:00001CCE:&smid=EC3A24B73CCE493BB1C514421A9BB0B7





I am up in the air right now on what to go with for editing photos and video. I will definitely be using CS4 photoshop and depending on what OS I go with will decided what video software I will choose...anyone have any first hand experience with the lenovo...I used to have a ibm thinkpad and love it, lasted nearly 3 years without skipping a beat but I have had an xps m1210 for the past year and its been nothing but problems so that was why I originally started looking mac...

edit: Now after doing some more research I came across the hp dv5t with the t9400 2.53 with all the bells and whistles it comes to 1500 and if you want bluray dvd burner it is another 165 on top of that...

what to do, what to do...

26th of October 2008 (Sun), 18:12
The lenovos are good laptops.

If you go with the Lenovo you certainly would have mroe money to get other stuff with :)

Ultimate CC
26th of October 2008 (Sun), 18:24
thats what i have been thinking...

26th of October 2008 (Sun), 19:28
Since they both use the T9400 (and to poke Andrew in the ribs a bit :) ), you might head over to geekbench and see how they perform on the various platforms (OS X, XP, Vista). Usually, Macs give a better score with same processors with geekbench. Also, the Mac comes with a few bells and whistles that may or may not be of interest to you, such as the multi-touch trackpad, auto-dimming lighted keyboard and display. A nice feature of the MBP is the unibody aluminum shell (not sure what the Lenovo's made of, but I suspect plastic), thinner form factor, ability to run in clamshell mode and the NVidia chipset.

Of course, a real downer (for me, anyway) would be the glossy-only display on the MBP - I can't stand them. I don't know if matte is an option on the Lenovo. I also can't tell what it's display out is (MBP has DisplayPort along with optical digital audio out to 7.1 surround). The question for you, though, is all that worth $600 more for the MBP?

26th of October 2008 (Sun), 19:45
I would upgrade that Lenovo to have 4GB of RAM though if you do go that route.

Tony - I had an old Dell Inspiron hand-me down. It's plastic. It was a freakin tank! It survived falls and tumbles and all sorts of crap and the only problem was that it needed a new hinge piece on one side.

But that wasn't me, and I tend to treat my equipment much more carefully than that so plastic doesn't concern me.

Dell's XPS I think they have Alienware (or whatever is left of them) building those, and I never did like Alienware's quality.

I think besides Lenovo, almost all other PC laptops are built by just 2 or 3 companies (Compal is one of the - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Compal_Electronics ) and there is another Taiwanese company that does it I can't remember the name of.

I don't know who Apple gets to do theirs but probably someone else.

Ultimate CC
26th of October 2008 (Sun), 19:53
with my school discount the mbp is only 450 more but im still up in the air if thats worth it...

Ultimate CC
27th of October 2008 (Mon), 08:50
added the hp dv5t to the list as well...

27th of October 2008 (Mon), 08:57
All are good choices. Now that Apple has completely redesigned the MBP I have no idea if it will improve the (average in my opinion) durability. That's been one problem I've had with their past models.

The Thinkpad should hold up better compared to older MBP models, but like I mentioned it remains to be seen if the new MacBook is really improved or not. That takes time to figure out. The new Thinkpads seem to be built at least as well as your Thinkpad from several years ago. I have a T400 with the T9400 processor and it does not disappoint.

I'm very interested to get my hands on the new MBP though. I am not thrilled by the black bezel trim & glossy screen. If you like touchpads or like the multitouch then that's obviously something you won't find on your other choices. At the same time, if you prefer the eraser mouse then you won't find that on the MBP.

I'd suggest you first decide what OS you want to run. I wouldn't concern myself with the results of one benchmark, but I would suggest making sure you're comfortable with an OS before jumping in to one you haven't used before.

27th of October 2008 (Mon), 11:15
I wouldn't get an HP laptop personally. I don't like them. Honestly, I would prefer a Lenovo or Dell for a laptop. The Dells you just gotta do some research on a model, and not order the base, cheapest version of that model.

Maybe HP has improved, but the last ones I worked on I wasn't too thrilled with.

Ultimate CC
27th of October 2008 (Mon), 12:59
Everything I have read about the new HP says its great and a big change from their older ones...but I am still looking around...the new studio xps are supposed to be released in NOV so I am going to wait and see what they are like as well...

27th of October 2008 (Mon), 14:18
How do the early 2008 Macbook Pros cope with CS4?
For example...how well does CS4's content aware scaling perform on the
early 2008 MBP?

27th of October 2008 (Mon), 14:54
I haven't heard any bad news about Macs and CS4. Content-aware scaling works fine on all Intel-based Macs, provided you have the skill to use the algorithm (which can be tricky, I've heard).

Steve Beck
27th of October 2008 (Mon), 14:59
The Macbook Pros used dedicated video cards not integrated. This will help with the new cs4 gpu accelerated stuff a lot. The 9600m is marginally faster than the 8600 in the earlier MBP's. I know BestBuy has the 2.4ghz, 512mb 8600gt gpu 15" MBP's for $1599 now on clearance.... Plus you caqn get it a matte finish screen instead of the glass over new one.

28th of October 2008 (Tue), 13:02
My vote for a Sony Vaio. They have a new high-def 1080p LCD. I just got one, and it's great for photos.

The configure-to-order is what I got for $1500 (with X-Brite FullHD and ATI Radeon 3650 512mb), and Intel P8600 the new 2.4Ghz Core2Duo Centrino.


Ultimate CC
28th of October 2008 (Tue), 17:26
how do you get the CTO option on that site, I am trying to do it for the NS version...

28th of October 2008 (Tue), 19:03
how do you get the CTO option on that site, I am trying to do it for the NS version...

You can't, they don't offer CTO for NS series, only FW and AW series.

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30th of October 2008 (Thu), 18:43
ok, i was going crazy, im like i don't get what im doing wrong...

31st of October 2008 (Fri), 07:12
I would take a MBP over a PC anyday, just for the OS, BUT, when I get a PC laptop it is thinkpad or nothing, so decide which OS you like more (Vista/leopard) and let that guide you

I would discount the HP, IMHO their build is like the dells, break way to easily, the thinkpad is a tough piece of kit, as is the MBP, I would put them upto 5d build, and the hp is like 1000d build, you know what I mean

Oh, you want video aswell, inthat case go MBP and Final Cut express, one of the best on the road machines for video editing around