View Full Version : Need help with Evening Beach Photos

27th of October 2008 (Mon), 00:28
I was at the beach this evening doing photos of 3 indiv. It was almost sunset and I wanted to take photos with the sunset in the back ground. I wanted to put my Cannon setting on "program" and an ISO of 500 but it would not let me take photos for some reason. I need to know what is the best setting for sunset photos please. I am amature photographer and am alittle frustrated with my Cannon 30D (more frustrated in myself:confused: I should say) I don't really know how to use all the functions. Also my flash that I was using as a fill flash was going off occasionally and not like I wanted it too? What am I doing wrong. I could use all the help I can get ....thank you....Tingringirl:rolleyes:

12th of November 2008 (Wed), 05:38
Here is a great tutorial about shooting at sunset with fill flash. You may want to check out his blog anyway. He has some fantastic advice.


Relax. Shooting at sunset with little ambient light and getting the subject to stand out is difficult. Don't kick yourself. It takes a lot of time, patience and practice.

10th of February 2010 (Wed), 00:56
fill flash always works.

11th of February 2010 (Thu), 13:47
I would definitely say that looking into a beginner online course would be a good way to get some knowledge about general exposure, camera settings, etc. Before I bought my first DSLR I took at class from Southeast Community College online. It was a very good way to learn the basics and get feedback and individual help on your work.

Good luck and hang in there. Lots of practice will do you good. :)