View Full Version : Battersea Powerstation

2nd of November 2008 (Sun), 17:09

done from one RAW as i didnt have my tripod with me.
HDR/tonemapping in photomatix and some small fixes in Photoshop

2nd of November 2008 (Sun), 17:16
i like it but then i got engaged at the bungy jump there , so i'm biased :)

i don't use a tripod for 90% of my HDR (http://photo.net/photodb/folder?folder_id=831143), i find that if you tweak your strap and kind of brace you can get a steady enough shot.

2nd of November 2008 (Sun), 17:20
A great shot. I wish my single shot HDR's would turn out that good.

3rd of November 2008 (Mon), 07:19
thats a good one for a Single RAW shot!