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9th of November 2008 (Sun), 15:11
I am the founder of a real estate photography company in the Houston area and looking to expand in other areas of Texas. We have been very successful in Houston and wish to recreate this in other cities. I am looking for highly qualified professional photographers who will photograph houses and other properties. This is not a full time job, or maybe not even part time for while. I need someone on call for when a job in your area does come. You need a flexible schedule, and be ready to take a job with less than 24 hour notice.

$70 per residential property (houses, condos, etc)
Other properties and projects vary by work load

To be considered for the job, you must email me the following:
1. day and evening contact information
2. mailing address
3. resume
4. real estate photography portfolio (minimum of 50 images)
5. list of camera equipment

Email: Richie@glengill.com

Learn more about our company: www.texaspropertyphotos.com (http://www.texaspropertyphotos.com)