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19th of July 2001 (Thu), 06:09
Hi everybody. I have been reading this forum a lot lately and I am convinced that the G1 is the camera I need to start digital photography (willing to be able to do more than P&S). This plus attractive prices (is the G1 soon to be discontinued ?) : I have just ordered my G1 (+1Go microdrive) and I hope it will arrive soon !
Now, I would like to buy the tiffen adapter as a 'lens armor', does anybody know where I can find this either in the UK or in France (other EC countries also) ?

Thanks in advance for your help !


1st of August 2001 (Wed), 13:58
Both B&H Photo and Amazon carry the Tiffen adapter (which won't block the viewfinder, as the Canon adapter does), but both are out of stock at the moment. At Amazon (which charges $5 more for the adapter), you can have them notify you when it is in stock.

2nd of August 2001 (Thu), 08:55
How does the tiffen one compare to the lensmate one? I have a lensmate right now, and think its the greatest thing since sliced bread.


2nd of August 2001 (Thu), 10:26
I've been unable to get the Tiffen adapter. It was attractive to me because it's only 43mm wide on the lens end, and therefore won't block the viewfinder or sensors. (I have a 46.5-52mm adapter and it blocks part of the viewfinder at wide-angle settings). Does the LensMate adapter block any of the viewers or sensors? As I recall, it's a 49mm adapter. (I haven't tried sliced bread on my Canon.)

3rd of August 2001 (Fri), 15:12
The lensmate does not block any of the sensors, and at wide angle, blocks only a little of the view at the bottom.


3rd of August 2001 (Fri), 15:53
Thanks. Meanwhile, I found the Tiffen adapter at a photo store in Oklahoma called Epperson Photo (eppersonphoto.com) for $17. I'll let the board know if it vignettes at wide angle -- hope not, as I also bought some 43mm filters to go with it.

9th of August 2001 (Thu), 06:34
Thanks for the answers. Tiffen and then their rep in the UK (http://www.optexint.com/, selling kits w/ tele and macro converters) were very slow in answering my e-mails, and Susan Doel at Lensmate was very quick and helpful so I ordered the Lensmate and got it in 5 days (Seattle->Cambridge UK). It looks very good on the G1 and it surely make me feel more confident about carying the camera w/ me all the time with the lens extended ! With the step-up 49-55 ring I can now use all the filters I had for my SLR lenses...
I will try to understand how to post images in the next few days for the "critique corner" !