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27th of February 2005 (Sun), 16:11
OK, I'm pretty sure that I'm not the first one to post this question: Can you use old Vivitar 283 flash on Canon 10D?
Somebody had told me that it would damage the camera (5V trigger, whatever that means) although nothing like that is said in the owner's manual. I wonder if anybody had really tried to do it.
Thanks a million.

27th of February 2005 (Sun), 18:06
A quick search found this thread (http://photography-on-the.net/forum/showthread.php?t=59470) which might be useful to you :)

27th of February 2005 (Sun), 23:20
well high voltage discharges can short your shutter release unit, it's happened to many. I don't know how high that old flash goes / how safe it is.

27th of February 2005 (Sun), 23:37
Every flash unit like that has a trigger circuit that actually fires the main gas discharge tube. In the old flash units of 25 years ago, the trigger circuit had 200-300 volts DC on it, so as the camera's shutter circuit shorts against that, the shutter circuit had to be able to withstand that big voltage. In the newer flash units of the last ten years or so, and like the Canon Speedlites, the trigger circuit has only about 5 volts DC on it, and that is much easier on the camera's shutter circuit. Many modern Canon bodies tolerate only 5-6 volts.

So, you can use old flashes with old cameras, and you can use new Canon flashes with new Canon cameras. When you go mixing old with new, you might possibly burn something up, so there are "safe-sync" devices available to protect cameras, if necessary.

---Bob Gross---

28th of February 2005 (Mon), 12:24
Thank you all! I am surprised that Canon did not explicitly note that in the owner's manual.

28th of February 2005 (Mon), 12:40
Canon does mention use of a Speedlite (external flash). That is a Canon brand, and as long as you follow that advice, there is no problem.

You translated that to mean any external flash unit, and that can bring problems.

So, it is well-documented and understood.

---Bob Gross---