View Full Version : Any good books or good advice sites for group photography?

15th of November 2008 (Sat), 12:46
So, I found one book on amazon on "group photography." Not only did it have so so reader reviews, but it "Usually Ships Within 1 to 3 Weeks" which means there's no telling when it'll actually ship or if they can get a copy.

Anyway, the place where I get my hair cut has a website with a group portrait that looks like it was taken by someone setting up their P&S on a tripod, setting the timer, and running to be in the photo. On top of that, I think it's a very low res scan from a newspaper.

Long story short, my gear's been sittin idle for a LONG time. So, next time I go to get my hair cut, I was thinking of offering to take another group portrait (free of charge so that I can wipe the dust off my 40D... figuratively speaking) that would be much better for their website and maybe brochures or something.

Anyway, I know NOTHING about posing groups for photos, and in group photos, I know posing can truly make or break the shot. Any advice? Any books that anyone knows about on this subject?

Thanks in advance!