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25th of November 2008 (Tue), 14:29
While out in Oklahoma this summer for work I walked into Astronomics one weekend to see Mike and the boys and pick up a TV .8 reducer. After shooting the breeze for awhile I asked Mike if he had any of the TV's in stock. He said he did but wanted to know if I wanted to test a new FR/FF that AT was developing. I said sure and walked out the door.

I was pretty confident that based on the quality of the equipment that AT produces this should be a nice addition to the line but was a bit hesitant to put it up against the venerable 2008 from TV. After 4 months with this little piece 'O glass I can tell you that it is every bit as good as the TV unit from every angle except cost. Final retail has not been set but from what Mike was talking your looking at under $160.

As this was a prototype the final product from a finish standpoint will be light eyars ahead of what you see here but this gives you a pretty good idea. This was a bare non anodized piece and as such I needed to blackout the interior. I have since added a piece of protostar flocking paper to the inside which killed any and all reflections. The coatings were flawless gave off that mulit hued look that tells you this is a nice piece. Even with no scuffs, blemish's or thin spots. The machining is first class and I would LOVE to see them keep it the natural finish with a blacked out interior but that's just me.

With the 40D I have it set at right around 53mm of spacing and based on the included images that looks right. The following image is an un-cropped shot with a modded 40D and a ED80Pro. The 200% crops are of all 4 corners and labeled accordingly. As you can see, stars are real tight to the corners and no signs of false color or image artifacts are present. A testament to the optics of both the reducer and the ED80Pro. The field is also very flat.

I took over 100 subs with both the TV and the AT units and could see no difference between the 2. This looks to be a great option for those who are looking for a reducer/flattener for an under 600m scope. The funny thing is I tried this on the AT111 and it performed just as well at almost 800m Fl as it did on the ED80.

I know there are TV purists who will say it cannot be as good. To them I say, try one first, than decide.

You can start looking for these to show up sometime in January hopefully along with a final price set.

The following image is the un-cropped full frame sub.


http://www.cloudynights.com/ubbthreads/attachments/2768834-UncroppedFF.jpgHere are the 4 corners at 200%





You can give Mike B. At WWW.Astronomics.Com (http://WWW.Astronomics.Com) a call and tell him you saw my post on it.

25th of November 2008 (Tue), 17:50
I am ashamed to say that I don't have an clue what any of that information means. I'm trying to get into Astrophotography but all of the equipment involved is a lot to take in.

I do however want to say that the photograph looks fantastic. There is a lot of detail in those crops.

25th of November 2008 (Tue), 18:03
Thanks for posting that Bobby. I was thinking of upgrading sometime to the TV but maybe I should look at this one.

25th of November 2008 (Tue), 19:14
Bobby -

Any idea how it compares to the ubiquitous WO vII FF/FR?


25th of November 2008 (Tue), 22:02
Bobby -

Any idea how it compares to the ubiquitous WO vII FF/FR?


Funny you should ask Dave. The Big Brown Truck just happened to drop off a version II from WO today. Based on Hunters images as well as some of the reports I have seen the WO works quite well with the ED80 and similiar scopes. I can say that the AT piece seems to perform as well as the WO piece and certainly better than the TV based on some of the tests I have seen.


26th of November 2008 (Wed), 07:47
Is there a good place I can go to find a FR/FF that will work for my scopes? I picked up a .5 one once, but no way does it work...I didn't realise before I got it, but that's because I know nothing about these things...which is I ask my first question.

Oh, and fantastic images again.

26th of November 2008 (Wed), 08:28
Beautiful photo!!! Honestly it seriously is!!

Keep up the great work!!

26th of November 2008 (Wed), 11:59
Thanks for the post. I have been looking at the WO but will not put this one into the mix for the ED80/XSi combo.

26th of November 2008 (Wed), 12:25
I can say that the AT piece seems to perform as well as the WO piece and certainly better than the TV based on some of the tests I have seen.

Cool, thanks - I already have the vII, I guess if it's not clearly trounced, I'll keep it. Besides, I have bigger issues to tackle before I get consumed with the shapes of stars at the corners. :)


26th of November 2008 (Wed), 15:48
Amazing. Cant say I understood any of it either.
Yay oklahoma though.

30th of November 2008 (Sun), 09:43
Awesome image. Are you sure it's real ;) I am so amazed of some of the pictures here.

30th of November 2008 (Sun), 18:56
and, all I want to do is a good moon shot.