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26th of November 2008 (Wed), 11:33
I've been a hobbyist with photography for some time (started with the Pentax K1000 at Basic Training in 1987). I have been shooting family and vacation shots with the Rebel series of DSLR for a couple of years, now, and was asked to photograph two nephews' weddings this past year. The first was in a very poorly lit church and with little real preparation, but I think I learned a good bit! The latest was on the Beach in Jacksonville recently. What a difference.

Here are a couple of shots that I liked. Just curious what constructive comments I could get. His brother has already asked me to shoot his wedding, too... Shadows were a big problem...


26th of November 2008 (Wed), 11:46
Sorry , but I think all of these are over exposed, the whites are really blown..

26th of November 2008 (Wed), 13:12
I am not a pro by any means but I find it really wierd that some girl is kissing the groom in 3...and his pants are see-through in the last photo.

26th of November 2008 (Wed), 13:32
Yes they are overexposed (dress blown out) and the first one is very soft and to be honest it's not a very interesting shot. The second is a nice composition but you should remove the people in the background. I agree that it's odd to see someone else kissing the groom on three but it might be an 'in' joke with the couple - also what's going on with the bloke to the right? I would crop him out TBH. I like the moment you've captured in ther last one but would prefer and much tighter crop on the couple.

26th of November 2008 (Wed), 13:44
Thanks for the comments... The wife (not the newlywed!) did not agree with my posting. The "in joke" is that the bloke to the side is the groom-kisser's guy... As for the pants (:oops:), we noticed that in the rehearsal. Those are the summer dress whites. Tried to get leggings or something underneath, but being officiated by a Navy chaplain, they had to adhere to the navy regs... I'll be touching those up. First time I've tried anything of this scale... Got some new accessories coming, including a LightSphere II and dome kit... Next one will be indoors...