View Full Version : car pics with new lens

6th of March 2005 (Sun), 08:59
Playing around with the new 70-200 f4/L lens I just got. This lens is tack sharp!


6th of March 2005 (Sun), 09:15
Very nice DOF in #1 and 2. Do you recall what you shot those at? It just impresses me becuse apparently the lighting was pretty poor.

Ballen Photo
6th of March 2005 (Sun), 10:44
Nice pics, and as you said, It looks to be "Tack Sharp". :D

6th of March 2005 (Sun), 11:50
Good Stuff. Show us some more when you can. Tack Sharp it is.

11th of March 2005 (Fri), 12:51
Dang, images are super sharp. I wish I would have bought the 70-200 instead of the 75-300. Nice Job.

11th of March 2005 (Fri), 16:39
Nice shots :D

I can't wait to get that lens.

11th of March 2005 (Fri), 16:55
Nice shots ! Too bad that LS1 powered GTO has the Grand Am look :)

12th of March 2005 (Sat), 09:58
These are really good shots.

12th of March 2005 (Sat), 17:11
arr a holden monaro

the last shot is my fav

cant wait until i get my 70-200mm f2.8 IS

13th of March 2005 (Sun), 20:19
Mmm...I love the Monaro/GTOs. I swear I will own a GTO eventually. :D

13th of March 2005 (Sun), 21:05
Nice pictures, too bad even pictures can't make the Element look nice :D haha Great quality photography though.

evidence tech
14th of March 2005 (Mon), 08:53
Nice shots ! Too bad that LS1 powered GTO has the Grand Am look :)
I agree!!! Pontiac had a great idea and could have done great things with the new GTO but they really dropped the ball on this one. I have a '69 GTO that is all muscle. It is pretty bad when a Honda Element grabs your eyes faster then a "muscle car". I guess that explains the sluggish sales for the new GTO. I bet in less then 3 years Pontiac "redesigns" the GTO with some body lines of its heritage.

However, the pictures look great.

15th of March 2005 (Tue), 07:36
Shame, I could never see myself buying a Pontiac.

However, the images are frigin sweet. Realy sharp. This is the same thing I have experienced with my 70-200f4L . It actually makes me look at non L lenses a bit different. Wait till you take a photograph of a person, and use a flash, so you can see the flash light in their eye. God it's amazing.

Definetly some nice image you took there, the quality is really good.
Now I just need my 17-40L ..

15th of March 2005 (Tue), 14:33
actually, i lied a bit.. a few of those images were actually taken with the 17-40 L...

guess which?

15th of March 2005 (Tue), 16:17
One, two and four ?

15th of March 2005 (Tue), 21:40
WOW! Jack Pot!

Although... the EXIF prolly helped..

15th of March 2005 (Tue), 23:32
so it's a pretty nice lens eh?
may have to look into getting one.

16th of March 2005 (Wed), 05:11
the 17-40 f4L has always been on my hit list, even though I admit that I am happy with the 18-55..

16th of March 2005 (Wed), 08:48
If I had taken those pics with the 18-55 and resized it for display here, you prolly couldn't tell any difference... But the L lense looks better attached to the camera.

16th of March 2005 (Wed), 09:25
Cool pictures, How do you like the Element? I was looking into one of those not too long ago.

Nice cars.

17th of March 2005 (Thu), 07:48
Great car.. tons of room, should be very fun to camp with.