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6th of March 2005 (Sun), 16:22
Friday past I took a moment to visit Union Pacific 833. She was retired to Liberty Park in Salt Lake City, but due to problems in the park, she was moved to Ogden and put under cover. Looks like a cheep coat of black paint has been applied and she is cleaned up some from last I saw her in SLC. I have had the pleasure of ridding behind her sister locomotive 844 (She was 8444 then)

20D/50 1.4 sneaker zoom

6th of March 2005 (Sun), 16:26
That's a lovely shot. Even though we all know better, it almost gives the running gear a delicate look.

I've had the chance to do a little work on a steam engine restoration, and there is nothing delicate about them, even the small ones, and #833 is decidedly not a small one.

6th of March 2005 (Sun), 16:50
I forgot to say that even in my best Lizard Justin boots, standing next to the drivers dwarfs me in height. Those eight drive wheels on this 4-8-4 must be six foot ten or more, flange tip to tip. I see the Challenger coming through a time or two and looked up the Big Boy in Cheyenne last summer.

6th of March 2005 (Sun), 17:25
now with me venturing out on POTN i will have to dig out the pics i have taken of trains and such.

but that will be later as my tummy is talking to me. spent alot of time reading today. so too busy to take a food break.


6th of March 2005 (Sun), 17:27
I just can not get over how BIG these wonderful machines are. One needs to feel the earth tremble as one of these passes by. But not so close as to get burned by the steam! The sound of the gush of steam that they produce, the pounding of the piston in the cylinders.

It is all good.


Tom W
6th of March 2005 (Sun), 17:38
Nice shots - she's a biggun!

Is it WW-II vintage or shortly after? I have very little knowledge about older engines. Or newer ones for that matter.

6th of March 2005 (Sun), 17:51
Nice shots - she's a biggun!

Is it WW-II vintage or shortly after? I have very little knowledge about older engines. Or newer ones for that matter.

This was a member of the FEF-2 class of Northern engines, (4-8-4 wheel arrangement), and they were delivered to the Union Pacific in 1939. The last group of Northerns were delivered in 1944 and were designated FEF-3. One of the last group, #844, is still in operating condition and occasionally is hauled out to run special trains for enthusiasts and historical events.

#844 was the last steam engine build for the Union Pacific.

I want one.

9th of March 2005 (Wed), 14:26
Beautiful shots,, As if one could get an ugly train shot. :lol: :lol:

latigid soe
9th of March 2005 (Wed), 15:05
Nice shots RJ...railroading would certainly have been different back then on these steamers :)

9th of March 2005 (Wed), 19:01
Yes . . . it most currently would have been. I miss them in a way, enjoy seeing them when they make a special run.

9th of March 2005 (Wed), 20:01
very nice
can almost see the wheels chugging along in that first picture
the clean up look makes them different as though they have not been used yet at all