View Full Version : Angle shot out of focus

4th of December 2008 (Thu), 06:13
I'm trying to take some pictures of cables on angles etc but i can't seem to focus the hole cable in the shot. I'm trying to get a shot like the one below


I have tried focusing on the part of the cable that is most needed and then when holding the shutter half way, recomposing the shot, but i can't get it perfectly focused.

Any advice would be great.

5th of December 2008 (Fri), 15:38
using a higher fstop perhaps?

6th of December 2008 (Sat), 19:00
Higher aperture and focus in the middle. Shoot from farther back using a zoom.

7th of December 2008 (Sun), 15:04
A perspective control lens will certainly help with such shots. Research Scheimpflug and how it affects the plane of focus. Much luck!

21st of December 2008 (Sun), 00:44

21st of December 2008 (Sun), 00:53
this could also be done with focus stacking - google it

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25th of December 2008 (Thu), 15:40
I always stack when shooting something like this, best way to get the job done in my opinion :)