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8th of December 2008 (Mon), 16:05
Congratulations to the photogs that made it this far. You are one step closer to having your image printed in the Third Edition of the P.O.T.N Photo Book!

In this Poll you will find the finalists for the Kids & Family Share. Please review the images before voting. I would like to suggest that you make a list of the ones that you like best before voting. Once you have chosen your favorites narrow those down to 10 images. Then place your votes.

Voters must be members that joined prior to 1 July 2008. Please vote for ONLY 10 images. If you vote for more than 10 images, ALL your votes will be disqualified. We set this number to be fair to all participating members.

Do not encourage other members to vote for your photo(s) in any way. Doing so will disqualify your photo(s).You can find the IMAGES HERE (http://potn.smugmug.com/gallery/6142105_3PUc9)

Again congratulations to the photogs that made it this far and happy voting.

Remember only vote for your favorite 10 images.Voting Ends 2000 CST, 15 January, 2009

9th of December 2008 (Tue), 12:22
Just a reminder, be sure to note that the photo numbers are below the photo (which may not coincide with the gallery number...for example Still life/b&w #14 shows below the photo as 14 and next to the photo, it's 11th in the gallery)...

vote for the number below the photo

9th of December 2008 (Tue), 16:29
Sorry for the Technical Difficulties. There were a couple of numbering errors we had to fix. Thank you for your patience. All is well now and votes are accurate. Unfortunately if you have already voted in Birds you will have to vote again.
Sorry for the inconvenience,
The BC

13th of January 2009 (Tue), 11:46
just curious how the image will be chosen as the showcase photos for each category- if you care to share.

13th of January 2009 (Tue), 12:17
the showcase photo is the one with the most public votes.