View Full Version : MacBook can't set Dell 2007WFP to 1680x1050 via VGA

14th of December 2008 (Sun), 11:54
I have a MacBook and a Dell 2007WFP. I've been using 1680x1050 mode via DVI cable.
I've been having bothered by the bending issue and hope VGA connection may solve the problem. Also, in DVI mode, Dell can't adjust brightness and contract. That didn't work well with my Huey.
I just got the VGA converter for MacBook and hooked up to the 2007WFP. I can't find 1680x1050 resolution anymore.
This is what I see:
1600x1200, 60Hz - tried and monitor complained.
1400x1050, 60Hz - quality is bad and stretched.
1280x1024, 75Hz - quality really bad and stretched.

How can I make it display 1680x1050 via VGA mode?

15th of December 2008 (Mon), 22:11

15th of December 2008 (Mon), 22:33
you cant with the vga but with this program you can http://www.madrau.com/html/SRX/About.html

15th of December 2008 (Mon), 22:43
Any idea why OSX doesn't let me do that?