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17th of December 2008 (Wed), 08:07
finished it yesterday... whats your thoughts and comments pls

pg 1


pg 2 & 3


pg 4 & 5

pg 6 & 7

pg 8 & 9

pg 10 & 11

pg 12 & 13

pg 14 & 15

17th of December 2008 (Wed), 08:08
pg 16 & 17


pg 18 & 19


pg 20


17th of December 2008 (Wed), 11:42
Looks great! Where can you get something like that printed?

17th of December 2008 (Wed), 12:42
This looks really good, well done.

It has also given me some ideas for when I shoot my neices wedding next May.


18th of December 2008 (Thu), 00:27
Looks great! Where can you get something like that printed?

thanks, here is a Company in Johannesburg that prints it and binds it in a hardcover format

Canon - thanks so much - lol i'll charge for hte ideas

19th of December 2008 (Fri), 10:56
Looks great! Where can you get something like that printed?

In the US ( I make no assumptions), I use My Publisher. I have been very pleased.

26th of December 2008 (Fri), 02:10
The only thing I found distracting was when you mixed too many styles on the same page: full color, selective color, and black-and-white. I would have liked to see more consistency on a single page.

Very nice layout and selection of shots, though.

26th of December 2008 (Fri), 03:13
Well, you have asked for a critique, so here are my impressions. Please take these comments in the spirit of honest and direct critique of your work.

There's a few things I would suggest. Firstly, the way you have laid out shots looks just like a basic photo album, there's no real creativity (except the ring page which works). The shots are not even aligned - they look like they have been slapped together.

The ring image is duplicated, make sure you use your images only once unless you are going for a certain effect (eg. a washed out image adjacent to the same image etc.

The selective color is a real no-no these days - pro's just don't do it, and it's considered very tacky. Even when it's done really well it's still not a great idea.

On page 6 and 7 there's an image behind that we can't even identify. If using an image for a backdrop it needs to be identifiable, or totally abstract (like a bouquet close-up). The image chosen doesn't work.

You need some high impact full page images to take full advantage of the album style. This is an area where you can really show off the better shots.

I can't read the text, but it's really not something that you find in a professional wedding album (or not so much as you have used anyway).

There are lots of pictures where people's heads are chopped off. This is really bad if it's not needed, and given your design it's not needed. Even one of the formals has peoples' heads chopped off!

Importantly, re content, you need a nice "straight down the barrel" portrait of the couple. This is an important part of any album, even when you are going for a less traditional appoach. The previous comment about the use of consistent processing styles on pages is also a good one.

I know that I haven't been particularly complimentary, but in all honesty, this is a very amatuerish effort and I think you can do better. I hope you can take the critique as it has been meant, in the spirit of helping you give the best results to your client.

Best wishes,


26th of December 2008 (Fri), 17:21
Quick thoughts:
- White borders are too large
- It lacks symmetry of both layout and size (pg 8/9 is especially bad, 6/7 too)
- It's not properly aligned (eg 14/15, 18-19)
- Mixing color/sepia/b&w on a page doesn't look good to me

My opinion: it's bad. Ugly. Unprofessional. I would NOT show this to a customer. But this is to be expected for your first album, my first was probably much the same.

Here's how i'd fix it:
- Reduce the white borders to be as thin as possible.
- Change every page so it's symmetrical about the center line. Words can go in place of an image without spoiling the symmetry too much. Once you have more experience you can go away from symmetry.
- Fix the alignment.
- Keep all pages either color or B&W, not a mix.
- Don't use actions or effects on just a few images. Keep them clean IMHO, and keep the whole album consistent.
- If you did it in Photoshop you're doing it the hard way. Download PhotoJunction, it's free and makes your life MUCH easier. It will take you a while to learn how to use it, you have to read and watch the tutorials. It might take you a couple of hours to learn to use, but it will save you DAYS over the course of a few albums.

30th of December 2008 (Tue), 11:37
There is some good advice in here. Although it's not my album it is very good information.