View Full Version : HELP with cA75

12th of March 2005 (Sat), 17:39
Ok i have a problem!
I have canon A75
and we have a party right nov (its around 03:00 local time(gmt+2))
so problem is that when i shoot with mode "auto"my canon shoots flashlight but bicture is DARK!
when i shot without flash its ok(big exposure time) normal pic on screen.
all settings seems to be ok but i get fully black pics on screen!

i change modes but every mode with flashlight gets totaly black!
flashlight fires normaly! ok itseems normaly!

tnx for tils what to do!

p.s. sorry for my english!

12th of March 2005 (Sat), 17:51
position normal (middle)
white on auto
iso on autoeffect off