View Full Version : Need Help Taking Portrait for Book Jacket

23rd of December 2008 (Tue), 21:27
My sister is publishing a book and needs a portrait for her book jacket by Jan. 20. She went to a studio for a professional shoot. To me the photos are very sterile and posed. She likes some of them. I asked for a shot at taking the picture for her book. I have an XSi and have or can borrow a 135, 85, 100 or 35mm lens. I want to use available light in her home . She's very concerned about her wrinkles and chins! She wants to look young, pretty, smart and fun. I also have access to a 5 in one reflector and own the 430ex flash. We live in different states and I'll have a few days to play "photographer" with her. I know she'll be more relaxed with me... but she wants it to look professional. Any ideas or thoughts on how to best approach this task would be great. Thank you!!