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24th of December 2008 (Wed), 02:29
I need a little advice on where to take a little trip in the middle of january in the southwest. I was thinking death valley, the sequoias, or zion. Anybody have any useful info for me about these parks specifically in the winter time. i shoot exclusively landscapes, vistas and intimate shots. Ill have about 3 or 4 days there, so which will give me the best bang for my buck. The things im considering are accessibility by car, hikes and thinks to take picture of, and weather conditions, specifically the skies for my pictures id like to avoid featureless cloudy skies. so can anybody help me out?? thanks

24th of December 2008 (Wed), 08:55
I can only speak for SW Utah and I think it would be a crap shoot in Jan. It's really the only month that we get Winter (This Dec has been wet!!) , skies may be gray and some secondary roads may be closed.

Zion NP is absolutely stunning in the snow, the East side especially. Bryce would be beautiful but cold and snowy. Highways would not be a problem. It's a good time of year to get a walk in permits for North (the Wave) or South Coyote Buttes.


PS: We came to Utah in Jan 2003 and it was in the 50s everyday, I was sold and moved the next year. We've had snow every Jan since.LOL

24th of December 2008 (Wed), 14:39
have you by chance done the subway hike in zion? how would that be in the winter?

25th of December 2008 (Thu), 09:31
The Subway would be near impossible in Winter. The road to the upper trailhead (Wildcat) will be closed from snow. You could access the lower trailhead but the drainage would be clogged with snow and ice.

We were up at Wildact a while back, fresh dusting of snow and met a couple doing the Subway. It was 24 F. and they had dry suits and a lot of fleece.
It had to be awesome but getting in water would not have been for me.

If there is snow/ice a lot of the trails in Zion will be closed or very difficult.

I've not done the Subway but a friend and I will do it next year.


28th of December 2008 (Sun), 20:40
The Sequoias will be most closed as well. Death Valley will be the only thing open 100%.