View Full Version : Vegas Movie Studio Output format (for 5dii video)

27th of December 2008 (Sat), 02:20
I've been using Vegas to put together some clips from a 5D mkii today and I'm wondering if anyone has any helpful information as to what format to render the final product as. My computer is barely too slow to play back the video in 720p as an mpeg4, though it has no trouble with a 720p "Sorenson Video 3" type video.

Also, if anyone has been converting before editing, what format have you been using?

29th of December 2008 (Mon), 01:00
sorenson video 3 used to be da bomb, but these days h.264 is the way to go.

1) what kind of cpu do you have
2) where do you want to play the videos

29th of December 2008 (Mon), 16:26
I have an AMD x2 4200, and from what I remember it isn't fast enough to play h.264 at 720p. I think I'll stick to Sorenson Video 3; it seems to be working well for me.

I'll mostly be sharing them with youtube, and my current process of convert to 720p> edit> export seems to work well, as seen here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Id-1Oh-ssRg&fmt=22

30th of December 2008 (Tue), 12:44
that quality looks o.k. to me.

in order to play h.264 on slower computers, you need an accelerated codec like coreavc pro($15), which plugs into any number of media players... i use nero showtime, which is maybe a little better, but afaik, you have to get the entire nero suite to get it... the nero suite was just on sale for $0 after rebate a week ago.

3rd of January 2009 (Sat), 01:04
What codec are you using now? Libav should be fast enough, it is part of ffdshow (for windows).

3rd of January 2009 (Sat), 17:35
I installed coreavc pro, and it seems to work quite well for playing and editing h.264. I think I'll try h.264 for the next video I make, but that may be a while as I don't actually own a 5dii.