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29th of December 2008 (Mon), 21:51
The wife is treating me to a photo trip to Alaska for my 50th birthday. I'm looking for a recommendation on a good guided photo tour. Ideally I'd like to shoot the bears, bald eagles and landscapes. I've checked out the ads in the back of Popular Photography and Outdoor Photography. They all sound great, but I'd really like to hear from someone that has first hand experience.


Tom Reichner
11th of January 2009 (Sun), 00:37
Hello, tszumowski! I've no firsthand experience, either, but thought you may like to look at Dea Vogel's wildlife images from Alaska. She goes every year, I believe. She has lots of experience in Alaska and may be very helpful to you if you care to contact her. Here is a link to the Denali page of her website: http://www.deavogel.com/gallery/natl...ali/index.html
- Tom

Blue Deuce
12th of January 2009 (Mon), 08:59
I can't recommend a all inclusive guide but can give you a few ideas as I have visited Ak. several times. Keep in mind going to where the bears are requires a float plane trip and can get expensive rather quickly.

If you want access to bears and eagles the Kenai peninsula is a good place to start. July through September is the best time for the bears as they are gorging themselves for the coming winter as well as tending to their spring born cubs. Most of the day trips over to Katmai, Hallo Bay or Lake Clark where the bears live fly out of Homer. I have used http://www.katmaialaskabearviewing.com/ in the past with success. If you want to actually stay at a lodge expect to spend accordingly. Book early because rooms are few and they fill up fast.

Eagles are every where on the peninsula. I have had the most success finding them in numbers along the beach at Anchor Point. It's not unusual to see a hundred or so feeding along the shoreline.

Over on the other side of the peninsula from Moose Pass south to Seward is great for Landscapes. If you make it to Seward there are several whale watching trips that take you into Resurrection Bay. The views of glaciers and the bird, mammal sea life are worth going to Alaska in of it self. There are several tour companies that operate out of Seward. The one I have found the best for photography is Mariah. They are owned by one of the larger companies but have smaller boats that cater towards photographers instead of the huge ones which can't get in the nooks and crannies.

You can also check out the links. There are a few renowned photographers offering work shops there during the summer.



Another option is you can always hire me at a reasonable price :) and I am as skilled at wildlife / bird photography as most.